About Us

Xyvest Holdings Inc has been in the real estate business for about 40 years. We are a family-owned small business with experience with a diverse portfolio of holdings in a myriad of industries including luxury business, professional, telecommunications, retail, and hospitality.

Over the years we have never compromised our commitment to customer service. We treat all our tenants and our staff as family. Despite our limited resources we were one of the first landlords in downtown Los Angeles to extend financial assistance to our tenants during the COVID-19 pandemic. A local reporter took notice.

At the onset of the COVID shutdown which resulted in a massive furloughing or layoff of many employees, we also stepped up with financial assistance for our staff. We mailed them checks before the unemployment benefits kicked in, which prompted such a message from one of our staff…

“I just want to say, that..you always going to be my hero… you have no idea how thankful I’m feeling at this moment… thank you very much for the peace of mind that you guys just give me.. hope you guys doing well.”

We take pride in honoring the history of our buildings as well. We went to extreme lengths to replicate a historic mural that was initially installed by a female muralist in the 1950’s. The original had been destroyed, but with some research and cooperation from the Getty Museum, the mural known as the “Money Tree” that was created back then by Margaret Bruton has been replicated in the lobby of the building at 611 Wilshire. For more information on Margaret Bruton and the Bruton sisters, you may follow this blog. For a short video on the replication of the Money Tree, click here.

The Money Tree mural was commissioned by the first occupant for the building at 611 Wilshire, Standard Federal Bank. It was designed to illustrate the history of money. The building architect was a famous Seattle-born gentleman named Welton Becket. Because of its innovative design the building came to be known as “the narrowest little skyscraper in the West.”