American Diabetes Association Moves to the Heart of Downtown Los Angeles Move Reinforces its Mission to Expand Awareness and Education

The American Diabetes Association announced today that its Los Angeles operation is moving to permanent, expanded offices in the heart of the financial district of downtown Los Angeles. The firm will occupy the 9th floor at 611 Wilshire Boulevard.

The ADA’s move is fueled by the combined strength of its Los Angeles based team and the resources of the organization’s national practices in leading the fight against the deadly consequences of diabetes and the fight for those affected by diabetes.

A vibrant city center, downtown Los Angeles has experienced unparalleled commercial, creative and cultural rebirth and growth in the past decade. The new space will allow the organization to expand its reach into a previously under-serviced demographic and provide greater access to the resources the organization provides.

“As diabetes continues to be a growing concern and epidemic in Los Angeles, it is appropriate for the ADA to position itself in the heart of city where support from our vibrant business community can affect positive change within the organization and for those touched by diabetes. This move is a testament to the strength of the organization and reinforces the importance and significance of Downtown,” said Carol Schatz, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Central City Association.

One in seven people in Los Angeles County have diabetes. If that statistic is not sobering enough, think about the fact that a one third of American children and teens are overweight or obese which could lead to Type 2 diabetes. They are at higher risk of developing this diabetes, in which the body can’t make enough insulin or use what it does make to process sugar from food.

Diabetes is one of the nation’s deadliest diseases and there is no cure. Nearly 26 million Americans have diabetes, and another person is diagnosed every 17 seconds. Diabetes can lead to serious complications and premature death, but with early diagnosis and treatment, preventive measures can be taken to manage the disease.

“We are excited about our decision to relocate to Downtown and will enjoy all that it has to offer created by this new effort to further strengthen the social and economic fabric of Downtown,” said Peter Braun, Executive Director of the American Diabetes Association Los Angeles. “With this move, we will be positioned to take advantage of the many synergies available from doing business Downtown, working alongside and growing with other businesses and non-profits, government workers and educational institutions in our city.”

A representative of Xyvest Holdings Inc, the principle owner of the building at 611 Wilshire Blvd stated, “We are pleased and honored to say that the American Diabetes Association is now among the roster of non-profits with offices in our buildings.”

For more information please call the American Diabetes Association at 1-800-DIABETES (1-800-342-2383) or visit Information from both these sources is available in English and Spanish. Media Contact: Mary Hewitt ( 323-966-2890 x 7502.